Want to Sell?


if you are an owner and are thinking about selling your home, please contact us without any bond to a free estimate and evaluation.
We are at your disposal!

Main services For those who sell:

Publication of the property

Publication of the property for sale with description, photographs and floor plans in the illuminated real estate showcase of the office directly overlooking the Strada Gardesana, on the agency's web portal and on the main Italian and foreign web portals

Collaboration with other trusted agencies

Collaboration in the sale of the property with other trusted real estate agencies that operate with our same philosophy, the HONESTY, the TRANSPARENCY, the SINCERITY and professional CORRECTNESS, to reach the goal of the sale in the shortest time possible

Stipulation of preliminary sales contracts

Stipulation of preliminary sales contracts (also in German and English language) with their registration with the relevant offices

Measurement of the building

Measurement of the interior of the building by laser to have accurate and precise measures

Instructions for notarial practices

Instructions for notarial practices, assisting the Client also in the notarial deed

Relations with any credit institution

Management of relations with any credit institution in the presence of a mortgage

Photographic report of the property

Photographic report of the property

Volture delle utenze

Luce, gas, acqua e rifiuti

Management of negotiations

Even in English and German language

Research of cadastral data

Research of all cadastral data of the property such as surveys, map extracts and cadastral plans

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